6 Looks For Lockdown

6 Looks For Lockdown

Wondering what the Must-Have looks are for Spring/Summer Lockdown?

Read on….this 6-piece Capsule Wardrobe will see you through every Lockdown occassion – from staring at four walls, to dreaming about Boris Johnson, right through to starting on the gin at 4pm.

Working from Home

If  you are new to WFH you probably have lots of questions…

Do I need to brush my hair?  NO

Shower?  NO

Wear a bra?  NO

Is it ok to put on This Morning and check out Holly Willoughby’s latest outfit?  ABSOLUTELY NOT

Can I work in bed? YES

I started working from home back in the days of screeeeechy Dial Up Internet, and, just like Victoria Beckham, it took me a while to find my Signature Style.  But after years of experimentation I have it nailed  – and it’s a look that’s being copied the world over!

Lockdown Look - Working from Home

This Pyjama Hoody combo is one of my favourite outfits… and it’s so damn versatile, affordable and easy to recreate at home – even in the midst of a pandemic.

Simply fall out of bed, smooth out your pyjama bottoms a wee bit, then team them up with an old vest and an overly-bright hoody.


If you are feeling playful, you may wish to accessorise with some floppy, clean-ish socks and a scrunchy for your hair…which, since you ask, was due for a cut and colour 6 weeks ago.

No need to wash your face until after lunch.

Working From Home…The Zoom Call

Ah, now this requires a bit more thought.  We, the fashion gurus at Midlife Smarts (that’ll be me), suggest you adopt a similar approach as Day to Evening Transitioning, which women’s magazines are always banging on about.


Think Trompe L’oile


Look, it’s simple, just adapt the WFH look by creating the ILLUSION of Power Dressing.


First things first, HAIR.  Brush it.

Next, slap on a little natural looking make up, although feel free to go heavy on the eyes and lips…looks good on Zoom and will reinforce your professionalism.

To complete the look simply team up your pyjama bottoms with a clean vest, then top it off with a brilliantly bright blazer, as beloved by all BBC female presenters.  Here, at Midlife Smarts we’ve opted for an old Orange one from Zara, but Red, Pink. Blue or Green will do just as well.

You may want to add a wristwatch and some jewellery to complete the look and reinforce the impression that you give an actual a f-ck.

NB Under NO circumstance stand up or lean over for a file  during the Zoom call , thus flashing your pyjamas bottoms, or you could be furloughed quicker than you can say  Oh FFS

Greeting the Amazon Man 

During the first week of lockdown many of us experienced the sheer panic that set in when the doorbell rang.

WHO’S THERE!!  we  would scream as we peered through the peep hole, praying the reply wouldn’t be…  It’s The Grim Reaper, My Dear …followed by echoing laughter

Fortunately the response was generally along the lines of  It’s me, Dave the Amazon Delivery guy.

Now that we are all getting a bit better at Lockdown Lifestyle we can better prepare for such eventualities by dressing for the occasion.

Lockdown Look - Greeting the Delivery Guy

Before the start of your 2 hours delivery window (or in the case of Argos  – 12 hour delivery window) get ready for Dave by creating your very own PPE  kit.

During Spring Lockdown – when the weather can still be a little bit on the nippy side – we recommend fashioning a Hazmat Suit out that old Christmas onesie from 2017, and teaming it up with matchy-matchy mask & disposable gloves. Complete the look with a pair of  sunglasses, your old Doc Martins and a can of Dettol anti-germ spray (for the Amazon Parcel…or Dave, if he comes too close).


During the 43-hour days we are currently living through we need a hobby….something, ANYTHING, to help pass the time.

For the first few days of Lockdown I swithered with the idea of taking up  day drinking, but  eventually opted for yoga….it’s cheaper.

Lockdown Look - Yoga Wear

For Lockdown Yoga, Midlife Smarts recommend stepping away from those gorgeous (but bloody expensive) Sweaty Betty and Lululemon leggings – and opting for more forgiving harem pants like these cute ‘n’ comfy ones from Gymshark (thanx gals).

This is the perfect look as we travel through Lockdown and pile on The Corona Stone (as coined by  Italians – who are three weeks and four pounds ahead of us in this pandemic).

Zoom Party With The Gals


Lockdown Look - what to wear for Zoom Party

Doesn’t quite feel the same, eh but hell girlfriend it’s time to wash your hair, put on full Drag Queen makeup, dig out your glitziest dress and team it up  with sparkliest shoes and then spend the next 90 minutes throwing wine down your neck and  TALKING OVER EACH OTHER .

Date Night

If you are holed up with your beloved, practise some of that mindfulness and ignore the fact their blinking is really rather loud and slippers squeak whenever they get off the couch to get another beer.

Think positive!!

Suggest a  Weekly Date Night where you cook a romantic meal together and talk about ermmmm…..what you’ve both been doing all week, and errmmmm…holiday plans and…..DO THEY REALLY HAVE TO CHEW QUITE SO BLOODY LOUDLY!!

For this special special evening make a satorial effort… at least put on a bra.  No need to go over the top, mind…sling on some  on comfy  leggings and a cosy top and, depending on your mood,  some lipstick – and then  get stuck in to that gin at 4pm

Do you have a favourite Lockdown Look that I’ve missed?   Do share!!

For more Lockdown Fun check out The Five Stages of Lockdown…and for more Fashion (ermmm) Tips check out How to be a Midlife Rock Chick

Much Love

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  1. Rachael Stray
    11 April 2020 / 10:55 am

    Business on the top comfy on the bottom – zoom video call look nailed it! Always love your posts.

    • Jill
      11 April 2020 / 11:03 am

      Thanks Rachael. ❤️. Happy Easter x

  2. 12 April 2020 / 1:41 am

    Thanks so much for posting the link in the Ageless Rebel group, Jill🦾 I love your voice and the fashion suggestions are fun, funny, sassy and vibrant. Inspired.

    • Jill
      12 April 2020 / 6:40 am

      Thanks Angie. U just made my day ! Love Ageless Rebel. X

  3. Corrine
    13 April 2020 / 10:28 am

    Brilliant🤣 and scary accurate 😆😆

    • Jill
      13 April 2020 / 1:33 pm

      Thanks Corrine. xx

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