Raise the visibility of your business, brand or personal profile

I’m Jill and I’m here to help you grow your profile by tapping into the power of PR & Instagram.

Do you have you an amazing product or service to sell…but find it difficult to get your message out there in this increasingly noisy world?
You’re in the right place.

Work with me and you’ll learn the skills you need to raise the visibility or your business, brand, or personal profile.
I’ll help you use Instagram and easy-to-implement DIY PR strategies to achieve your goals (and save a fortune on consultancy fees).

Jill was recommended to me by another Instagram newbie and thank goodness. Her advice, support and enthusiasm has made all the difference. Don’t get stressed on Insta…speak to Jill.

She’s fabulous."



Instagram is a powerful place to promote Products, Services or your own Personal Brand….but it sure can be complicated!
Sign up for a 1-2-1 session with me and we’ll sort out whatever it is that’s driving you crazy about Insta-Baby.
Each session will be tailored to YOUR needs. 
Whatever you need…we’ve got it covered…


Would you love to have your product or service featured in a national magazine?

Want to work with influencers…but not sure where to start?

Got a great story to share but not sure how to reach out to a journalist?

It’s easy when you know how…

Check out our DIY PR Starter Kits or PR Consultancy.

What Others Say


I learned so much in just one hour! I’ve spruced up my bio and highlights and ready to get cracking on video.




Jill is patient, knowledge and her practical tips and suggestions are invaluable to someone like me starting a business… or anyone trying to navigate Insta.




Jill is great to work with. She’s helped with PR for some of our clients and has generated some fantastic media coverage.

Naomi Lewis

aka Naomi Narrative

I am...

PR Pro, Midlife Blogger, PR & Instagram Coach.
I’ve been helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals for over 20 years.
I have a knack for spotting a great story…and using PR & Instagram to share it. 

Learn more about me here

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