and WELCOME to MidLife Smarts…a wry look at rockin’ your (Mid)Life.


Yep, that’s those mostly fun, sometimes tough, years that fall between being obsessed with what other people think about you & taking 127 selfies before lunch…and reaching 93ish.

I’m Jill and what they used to call ‘A Woman of A Certain Age’.  But jeez, that ain’t stopping me! As far as I’m concerned if you had sass & attitude at 22 you’ll have even more now.

I love writing and have a mildly cynical outlook on life, so here you’ll find my unsolicited thoughts, opinions, tips, moans, groans.

From Looking & Feeling Great, to those things we all love…Travel & Adventure, Eating & Drinking, Movies &, Books.  So even though you didn’t ask for them, you’ll get my thoughts going on a solo holiday, trying out a 1-day juice detox (don’t do it!) or how to pick the perfect restaurant for a romantic rendezvous. There also a big fat pile of Random Ramblings – like finding a pair of Louboutins at the local charity shop,  to never quite being Bikini Body ready and that time I looked after a headstrong Border Terrier for a week.

There will, however, be very little pouting and only a modicum of fake tan.  Most posts will take less than 5 minutes to read and hopefully, should make you LOL (as your 17-year-old self would say) and occasionally let rip some filthy laughter….and hell, girl there’s nothing wrong with that!

PS If you want to get in touch I’d love to hear from you –  jill@midlifesmarts.com

PPS I know we don’t need it but I’ve used a nice large font!