The World’s First Midlife Flat Lay

The Midlife Flat Lay

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You know all those gorgeous Flat Lay photographs that gorgeous bloggers and gorgeous Instagrammers and other gorgeous Influencers produce showing off all the gorgeous things in their gorgeous lives.

Like this…

A Flat Lay with Dressing Table Essentials


and this…

A Flat Lay showing the contents of a handbag


and this…

A Gorgeous Flat Lay featuring working tools


They got me thinking that it’s high time Midlife Women had their very own Flat Lay, so…DRUM ROLL PUH LEASE…here we have…

The (quite possibly) World’s First…Midlife Flat Lay

…showcasing all the gorgeous things in the lives of Midlife Women including:


NEVER EVER leave home without them

Reading Glasses

Useful and will make you popular with friends and strangers alike

A Fan

For keeping your temperature just below Death Valley

An HRT Patch

To stick on your ass…and keep your thoughts just below homicidal

A Handbag Sized Pre-Mixed Gin and Tonic

Perfect for the train commute home.

A Handy Packet Tena Lady Discrete

…just in case

A Flower

ermm – because gorgeous influencers have a tendency to include them on their Flat Lays (I never said I was original)

A Cute Cake

…. ermm because gorgeous influencers also include them (apologies for the missing bite – it took so long to set up bloody photograph that I started snacking).

A Diet Book


A To Do List with A Million Things on it

You’re welcome.

PS Anything else you’d include in a Midlife Flat Lay?


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  1. Marcia
    16 January 2020 / 6:58 pm

    I love your snarky posts. Your attitude is what makes love Scotland so much. Can’t wait for my next visit.

    • Jill
      16 January 2020 / 7:02 pm

      Hey Marcia thanks so much. Come to Scotland ASAP!! Jillx

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