How to Celebrate New Year – Scotland Style

Thanks to Rabbie Burns and his universally sung (and rarely understood) Auld Lang Syne, Scots sorta feel like we invented New Year’s Eve – or Hogmanay – as we call it. Here are some of the strange things we Scots do to welcome in a New Year. We call it…

Fantasy Dinner With…Queen Elizabeth II

2 Minute Read Where We’d Meet A palace or one of her castles would be lovely.  The Scottish ones – Holyrood in Edinburgh or Balmoral in Royal Deeside – would work for me, but hey, I’d be happy to jump a train to London and catch up in Buckingham Palace or…

Fantasy Dinner With…Melania Trump

2 Minute Read Where We’d Meet… The Russian Tea Room in New York.  It’s dark, Eastern European and just around the corner from Trump Tower…but far from Washington and The Donald. We’d settle ourselves into a discrete red velvet booth at the back. What We’d Wear… Melania would be a…

GALS: How to buy HIM an OMG Christmas Gift YOU’LL love

4 MINUTE READ Yada. Yada. Yada – Peace and Goodwill to All Men is all very well but what’s often overlooked at Christmas is that Gift Giving provides women with the perfect opportunity to improve their relationship and gently nudge (or in some cases – downright shove) their man towards…

GUYS: How to buy HER an OMG Christmas Gift SHE’LL love

5 MINUTE READ Gals, feel free to print out, highlight the bits that you like, then leave it near the toilet for him to read…it’ll save him a lot of stressing and you, a lot of disappointment. Hello boys.  News flash – Christmas is coming and you know what that…

Tracing Gramps…and becoming Irish

4 MINUTE READ  I’m becoming Irish.  To be sure, I’ll still be Scottish and British, but if I can also become Irish it means I’ll still feel European. Ok I admit, that’s quite a lot of nationalities for just one person…but don’t go all judge-y on me. I like to have options…


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