5 MINUTE READ Finding a box set worthy of a binge-watch can take almost as long as watching the damn thing. I spend many an evening flicking through Netflix as I ponder whether I fancy a murder or maybe a bit of infidelity or perhaps something foreign, and then it’s…

A Solitary Afternoon Movie – with Revels

3 MINUTE READ Sneaking off to see a movie on an afternoon feels just downright naughty – like bunking school or slinging a sickie: the rest of the world is busy working, commuting, cooking, while you’ve simply opted out.   Turning a visit to the cinema into a joy packed…

My charity shop Loubs!

3 MINUTE READ So there I was, on a wet Tuesday morning with a couple of work deadlines looming and no milk for coffee. As I dashed to the corner shop, I glanced in the window of the Marie Curie charity shop and stopped dead in my tracks. NO!!. It couldn’t be.…

John Malkovich’s Granny’s Carrot Cake

3 MINUTE READ You know one of those days that is so annoying or frustrating that doing something positive – like yoga or a walk or moaning to a friend – just doesn’t cut it. The sort of day where you’ve spent an hour on the phone questioning your eye-watering…

How to Travel Light and Get One Up On Ryanair

5 MINUTE READ I LOOOOVE a city break. I HAAAATE packing. It’s such a pain in the ass.  Not that you’d think so if you’ve ever read one of those cheery 10 Tips For Stress-Free Packing type articles, where all you have to do is opt for a capsule wardrobe –…


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