Real People Doing Stuff: Pauline – Emigrating To Australia

Meet PAULINE…she’s a Scottish cat-mummy, DIY-loving, marketer, who, along with her husband and 14-year-old son EMIGRATED  to Australia four years ago. Why did you emigrate? I spent some years in Australia in the 1990s and moved back to Scotland ‘for two years’ in 2000, with my new Aussie hubby in tow…and…

Real People Doing Stuff: Louise  – Wild Swimming

4 Minute Read Meet LOUISE…she’s a Shepherd-Pie-making, red-wine-drinking, mum of two who juggles managing and editing Stepps on the Level, a community magazine, lecturing in journalism to young adults and…WILD SWIMMING. What is Wild Swimming? Well when I was young it used to just be called plain old swimming! Nowadays…


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