10 Ideas for a Fabulous May (and we’re not talking Theresa)

10 Ideas for a Fabulous May (and we’re not talking Theresa)


Way hey – it’s almost May, one of my favourite months of the year. The days are long and sometimes warm. I stop craving pies, stews and rhubarb crumble and opt for the occasional salad. It’s an optimistic month – summer is stretching out ahead, full of endless possibilities – time off work, travel, voting in another few elections, planning BBQs that get rained off. And there are two bank holidays.

So here are 10 things, that are almost free, that will make it a May-tastic month.

Hello toes

1. Get your toes out  

Dust off those sandals, tackle your corns, paint your toes and give your feet an outing. You know you want to, boys.

2. Stand by your shammies 

It’s time for the biannual window wash.   Or better still get a nice window cleaner to sort them for you. Dishy Danny and his Shammy did mine recently and I was amazed to discover that I lived opposite a block of flats.

Hurray for Rose

3. Switch to Rose wine

You know it makes sense.

4. If you’re feeling extra nice offer to help someone with technology. 

Show Aunty Daphne, or that man three doors down, with the funny dog, how to do an online grocery shop or how to get online billing for electricity & gas, and save some serious dosh.

5. If you’re not feeling so nice make a young person help you with technology. 

Right now I could do with advice on taking good photographs (you may already have noticed this), re-sizing them and finding tons of things that seem to have disappeared from my desktop (thanks for the ANNOYING update, Mr Apple-y Mac).

6. Give your system a boost.

Have a kiwi fruit before (not FOR, silly) breakfast – it’s got more Vit C than an orange, is less messy and half the price. Eat it the French way, like a little fruity boiled egg – lob off the top and get stuck in with a spoon.

Pesky orange pansy

7. Plant something in your garden

…or if, like me, you live in a flat plant up some window boxes. I try and go for all one colour but a pesky orange pansy has sneaked in.

8. Take some time off-line.

Leave your phone at home for a couple of hours and free yourself from constantly checking emails and eagerly looking to see if I’ve posted a new blog (I’d do a smiley face but they are banned from this blog).

9.Move in the morning.

Go for a 10-minute walk or do a quick yoga routine. Here is some showing what you can do before a morning cuppa if you’re beyond super-fit, graceful and about 24



…and here’s something way more realistic. It takes less than ten minutes and you have my permission to fudge the donkey kicks and skip the side–plank bit.


10. The 12th- 19th May is National Doughnut Week

…enough said. 



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  1. Sonia Boal
    26 April 2018 / 10:09 am

    Love it, even more than I love Pink Sunshine Wine 🍷
    It’s cold here today, but that is reminding me that it’s bound to get warmer soon!

    • Jill
      26 April 2018 / 10:24 am

      My New name for rose – Pink sunshine wine. 👍😂. Thanx Sonia

  2. 26 April 2018 / 11:03 am

    I enjoyed this post, Jill, makes me look forward to May even more that we will be spending a couple of weeks up north. Yes, to warmer weather, not too hot for more walks 🙂

    • Jill
      26 April 2018 / 2:03 pm

      It’s a lovely month. It’s still cold up here in Scotland though!! Roll on some sunshine. Thanks for swinging by. Jillx

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